Development Solutions

Responsive Web Design

Beautiful Designs and Optimized website experience on all Devices. Desktop | Tablet | Mobile.

We build strategic, engaging websites for your company which instantly reinforces your credibility, communicate established messaging to intended audiences, and ultimately converts users into customers. Our visually compelling designs bring your website to life, creating a solution that maintains a user experience that will allow your business to grow. All our websites are designed and produced using responsive principles.

Web Applications

Websites are primarily informationa whereas Web applications allow the user to perform actions. Web applications see frequent use, require robust, intuitive functionality, and typically have only a single, specific focus.

The end goals for designing web apps, whether they’re used by customers or internally, differ greatly from our website priorities. To oversimplify it, websites are for consumption, whereas web applications are for interaction. Web apps see frequent use, require robust, intuitive functionality, and typically have only a single, specific focus. Websites, however, may only be visited once and have a very limited opportunity to make an impression. More often than not, websites are built to allow users to access information and to be funneled into conversion points, whereas web apps are used as a tool to specific tasks. Language capabilities Frontend: html(5), css(3), javascript Backend: php, perl, C++, ASP/ASPX Frameworks: sass/compass, bourbon/neat/bitters, grunt/gulp, foundation 4/5, jquery, requirejs, xml, smarty, hundreds of JS/jquery libraries/plugins Database: MySQL, PostgreSQL, NoSQL, MSSQL.

Mobile Applications

Native, web, or hybrid—we develop IOS and Android apps, which are customised and polished for startups and enterprise clients. We ensure that your application gets your company an optimum returns on investment.

Should you create a custom app or a mobile responsive site? iPhone or Android? iPad or Android tablet? Consumer-focused or enterprise-driven? All of the above? Our mobile strategies take into account your goals and targeted users. We'll develop the right content and tools, delivered on the right platforms and designed with the appropriate devices and screen sizes in mind. We strive to provide superior mobile experience that's perfect for your users — and perfect for your business, too.

E-commerce Development

We help your customers to have a secure shopping experience. Our design and content strategy allows your customers to easily find and select products, input information securely, and progress through the buying experience quickly.

We understand that if your business wants to expand to sell your products online, your business hinges directly on the fluidity and functionality of your website. Our ecommerce solutions leverage E-Commerce platforms such as WooCommerce, Magento to deliver an unrivaled feature set and virtually infinite flexibility. We help you to to create a robust website with best practices for design, product merchandising and online marketing to maximize sales and revenue. We are experienced and extremely proficient in integrating Payment Gateways (we prefer PayPal, PayUMoney), Variable sales tax, Inventory and third-party tracking, Product variations, Pricing models, Dynamic shipping and tracking various postal and courier services.

Wordpress Development

Do you want the flexibility to add, update, and edit content within their site as they see fit—without any coding or knowledge ? We help you to be in control of your website by building it using state-of-the-art Content Management Systems such as WordPress, Joomla and Drupal.

Our core specialty are WordPress websites. WordPress is unbelievably flexible and is a foundation for nearly any website we can imagine. It powers 75 million sites worldwide. We choose WordPress in most cases because it’s so incredibly friendly for clients to use, store, organize, and publish content—all from a central interface.WordPress makes it easy to create keyword-rich URL titles, optimize meta information, keep XML sitemaps updated, and even add schema microdata using plugins, such as Yoast’s WordPress SEO. We can also help you with CMS Solutions using Drupal and Joomla.